Concerts at El Flamenco!

     From "The Land of Enchantment" comes the music of Ronald Roybal. As a gifted and award winning Native American Style Flutist, his flute songs inspire visions of nature's grandeur and beauty. Mixed with his evocative guitar arrangements, his unique musical portrayal of the lands and peoples of the American Southwest engages audiences of all ages!



   Listening to me in a concert setting is a completely different experience than a sometimes very busy lounge at Hotel Santa Fe. A concert setting allows the audience and performer the opportunity to focus on enjoying a more musically nuanced and emotionally satisfying performance. In addition, I can tell brief, meaningful stories about each song. El Flamenco is Santa Fe's newest and most intimate venue. Offering world class Flamenco shows on other nights of the week, El Flamenco is graciously hosting my performance on Tuesday evenings in July and August (starting July 10th). I think it's a great match!

     When you're in Santa Fe during the midweek in July and August (starting July 10th) and are wondering about entertainment options, wonder no more! My concert program will take you on a musical journey through northern New Mexico and will leave you with a very memorable experience.  I look forward to concertizing for you!

     Visit El Flamenco or call (505) 209-1302 for ticket information. Tickets are $25 General Admission by credit card via the El Flamenco website or at the door.

     Doors open at 6:30pm with food (tapas) and beer, wine and other refreshments available before the show and during the 15 minute intermission. Show starts at 7:30pm and ends by 9:30pm.

      All concertgoers receive a "Buy Two, Get One Free" CD offer after the show!





"I attended the opening performance of "Enchanted Music From the American Southwest" at El Flamenco last Tuesday. I was blown away by the artistry and the music. Mr. Roybal exhibited a mastery of both the guitar and the many flutes he used while creating a sense of the southwest. I think El Flamenco is a good venue for him because it is the right size to watch--and hear--a master at work." - Steven Moriarty





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